charging stations are more than mere poWer outlets
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70825 Korntal-Münchingen, Germany
Year of establishment:
Frank Scherff
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A charging station not only provides electrical
power like a power outlet, but they also have to
be intelligent and communicate with the vehicle
or infrastructure. For example, they exchange
data on battery status, current electricity rates
and waiting times. Building a charging infra-
structure requires thorough analyses of all the
various charging types and requirements and
specific technical know-how. To prevent later
compromises during use, it makes sense to
start with professional planning and installation.
Kellner Telecom has already installed a multi-
tude of different charging stations, which makes
it one of the most experienced service providers
in this young sector. The company specialises in
electric mobility and should be your first choice
in installing and operating charging infrastruc-
tures. Kellner Telecom offers a full range of ser-
vices for a future-proof charging infrastructure:
from obtaining permissions for public locations
to feasible location planning and the delivery of
charging stations (all makes). Our roll-out man-
agement and installation is provided by specifi-
cally trained and qualified staff. These services
are complemented by maintenance contracts
and a hotline for troubleshooting and replace-
ment services. In addition, Kellner Telecom
renders services such as charging operation
analyses; individually or as a general contractor.
Kellner Telecom – your innovative service provider
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