MBtech Group is a globally leading engineering
and consulting service provider with headquarters
in Sindelfingen. Companies worldwide, such as
those from the automobile, rail and aerospace
industries, benefit from MBtech’s integrated
solutions. MBtech is a member of the AKKA
Technologies Group. In 2012, the group generat-
ed a total turnover of around 925 million euros.
AKKA employs roughly 11,000 engineers and
consultants in more than 20 countries world-
wide, 3,300 of which work for MBtech.
Designing products, optimising processes
and qualifying people
This is the focus of our cross-industry services.
We not only have competent staff with great
expertise but also the latest technology and test
centres all over the world. Our Electronics Solutions
division is a reliable and specialised partner –
from concept to serial product. We support OEMs
and suppliers, no matter if they need compo-
nents, systems or modules, or new design, inte-
gration or testing.
Enabling innovations
MBtech accompanies and supports their custom-
ers from the mobility industry in all phases of
product development, helping them translate in-
novations into serial products quickly and reliably.
By validating alternative drive systems at our
unique drive-train test stands we promote elec-
tric mobility.
mBtech supports customer innovation proJects
Services from development to testing
MBtech Group GmbH & Co. KGaA
Kolumbusstrasse 19 + 21
71063 Sindelfingen, Germany
Year of establishment:
3,300 (2012)
EUR 370 million (2012)
Drive train test stand in Mönsheim
ektro concept car ‘Link & Go’
Dr. Nico Hartmann
Phone: +49 7031 686 3138
Fax: +49 7031 686 3010
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