Passion for electric mobility
engineering team mse gmBh
Lange Strasse 10
71131 Jettingen, Germany
Year of establishment:
8 (2012)
EUR 650,000 (2012)
Sven Kohler
Phone: +49 7452 88784 0
Fax: +49 7452 88784 199
For more than ten years, the MSE team has
been strongly involved in the development of
electronic vehicle components. Our engineers
have contributed to the development and de-
sign of a large number of new vehicles with
their vehicle control units for xenon head-
lights, ultrasonic parking assistance systems,
rear-view mirrors, compressed air controllers,
tail lights and hybrid drives, to name just a
few. We have assisted in the development of
hardware and software products; in some we
were responsible for only parts of the project,
in others we acted as full-service suppliers to
OEMs and/or their suppliers. In addition, we re-
alised several test stands for design (hardware
in the loop) and/or production (end of line). In
the area of quality assurance, MSE GmbH has
all the required tools and offers all design pro-
cesses that correspond to current automobile
and industry process models (CMMI, SPICE).
As a member of a competence network, we
helped develop an innovative electric vehicle
concept that is independent of car manufactur-
er and tier-1 supplier. This is about finding new
innovative solutions for future urban transpor-
tation as regards structures and environmental
friendliness. MSE’s field of responsibility in the
development of this vehicle is the realisation of
an innovative digital dashboard (TFT, 16.7 mil-
lion colours) and the complete HMI, including
full responsibility for data transmission within
the vehicle as well as to and from intelligent
external charging stations.
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