Creating forward-looking solutions was the
standard set by Ferdinand Porsche when he
started his design office in 1931. In doing so,
he laid the foundation for today’s engineering
services by Porsche. Porsche Engineering‘s ser-
vices range from the design of individual compo-
nents to the execution of complete vehicle devel-
opments – in the automotive sector and beyond.
Porsche Engineering has been addressing chal-
lenges in engineering for customers for more
than 80 years. The engineers at Porsche Engi-
neering have demonstrated their in-depth ex-
pertise in electric mobility, for example for the
Boxster E research project in 2011 and in the
development of the Seabob, a serial underwater
scooter. They have also proven their competency
in light-weight construction and in combustion
engine efficiency optimisation. Porsche Engi-
neering addresses each individual project with
the goal to meet the highest demands in quality
and to develop innovative concepts and custom-
ised solutions. All development projects that are
being conducted around the world are managed
through theWeissach-headquartered Porsche En-
gineering Group GmbH founded in 2001. However,
the public knows very little about the development
and design work done by Porsche Engineering.
According to a policy of strict confidentiality, the
product strategies and the brand identities of its
customers are always protected with the greatest
care. Only a few projects are made public, and
then only with the client’s express permission.
After all, Porsche Engineering only succeeds if a
customer returns. This maxim prevails to this day
– as it has for more than 80 years.
Porsche Engineering
Porschestrasse 911
71287 Weissach, Germany
680 (2012)
innovative solutions for the future
Engineering services by Porsche Engineering
Frederic Damköhler
Phone: +49 711 911 89906
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