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Cluster Fuel Cell BW

The cluster Fuel Cell BW was established in 2013, with the participation of four state ministries of Baden-Wuerttemberg and representatives from the economy, science and various associations. Responsibility for the direction and organisation of the cluster was assumed by the regional agency e-mobil BW GmbH. Now, the management of the cluster Fuel Cell BW represents an important pillar in the activities of e-mobil BW. The objective is to accelerate market-ready series products within hydrogen mobility.


Partners of the cluster Fuel Cell BW will concentrate their existing activities under a common roof, and develop new ideas and projects. Technically-based, targeted educational activities, joint events, and communications and public relations aimed at specific target groups are intended to actively inform people on the topic of hydrogen and fuel cell technology during the market preparation phase. The joint goal of all the participants is to implement various projects and schemes on the topic of hydrogen, and operationalise these close to the market, to advance the industrialisation process and with that, ultimately to mass produce.

Baden-Württemberg is becoming a hydrogen state!

The H2BW platform bundles competencies and players from all over the state. The video shows key players and projects, from electrolysers to the production of fuel cells. Take a look - and be a part of making Baden-Württemberg a hydrogen state!

© e-mobil BW / Manuel Schaloske


Cluster partners will work jointly on concrete project ideas in four topic areas:

  • Hydrogen production and infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Production
  • Education


Other interdisciplinary topics include internationalisation, controlling and organisation, the transfer and management of knowledge, and events and public relations.

Our Vision

The aim of the cluster is to advance the industrialisation of mobile and stationary fuel cell applications. This work focuses on added value and establishing jobs in Baden-Wuerttemberg. It provides active support for the transition to renewables energies and the introduction of electric mobility. The cluster makes Baden-Wuerttemberg the leading location in Europe for the manufacture, storage and use of hydrogen.



The cluster Fuel Cell BW is not a corporate body, and there are no membership fees. It is a form of collaboration, which concentrates the stakeholders and their various sets of interests in a strong association.