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Network Intelligent Move

The increasing electrification and digitalization of mobility is accompanied by a holistic change in the vehicle. The Network Intelligent Move analyses and discusses the potential and current challenges of digital mobility with stakeholders from research, industry and the public sector in Baden-Württemberg. To this end, various working formats are organised to shape the network and make the best possible use of the synergy potential and expertise in the field of digitalization among the partners.

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Digitalization opens up the possibility to create new services that meet the increasing expectations and needs of users. For example, digitalization motivates the comprehensive networking of the transport system and its elements, thereby enabling optimised or completely new mobility services and solutions. At the same time, driving functions are becoming increasingly automated, including autonomous vehicles. Long-distance automated and sustainable transport harbours great potential in terms of safety. The foundations for this include communication and connectivity technologies, sensors and actuators as well as the collection, processing, intelligent use and analysis of large amounts of data by learning systems with high artificial intelligence.

The Network Intelligent Move adresses this diversity of topics in the form of constructive exchange, discussion and consortium formation. The stakeholders from science and industry develop project ideas and roadmaps for the digital ecosystem in different working groups. In a narrower sense, Intelligent Move deals with the topics of digital infrastructure, digital vehicles and digital services.

Working in the network

Four fields of action have been defined for the work in the Network Intelligent Move. The Digital Ecosystem field of action forms the framework and looks at a holistic system. The other fields of action - Digital Infrastructure, Digital Vehicles and Digital Services - each deal with a focal aspect, form interfaces with each other and therefore also affect the digital ecosystem. Relevant key topics such as digital sovereignty, digital transformation, digital sustainability, mindset, cybersecurity and resilience are also considered.

Grafic of the four fields of action in the Network Intelligent Move.
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3D-Rendering einer Straßenkreuzung. Die Fahrzeuge kommunizieren miteinander, über ihnen ist eine Cloud
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The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West has been bringing partners together for joint research projects within the Intelligent Move working group since 2014. The working group also served to discuss issues relating to the digitalization of mobility. Due to the growing demand and increasing need for digitalization topics within the transport sector, the working group was developed into an independent network. In 2022, four workshops were held to define the focal points and sharpen the content. The aim was to facilitate knowledge transfer between various stakeholders from research and industry and to develop a thematic map.