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Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg

The automotive industry, with sales exceeding 400 bn euros, is without a shade of doubt one of the systemically relevant industries. Baden-Württemberg, which is home to more than 1,000 suppliers, is one of the biggest automotive clusters in Germany. Mega trends like electrification, digital transformation, autonomous driving and sharing models present huge challenges for the whole industry which need to be confronted. Thus, the State Government of Baden-Württemberg started an initiative in the summer of 2017, the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg, in which all relevant stakeholders cooperate to arrive jointly at potential solutions.

A New Format for Institutionalised Collaboration

The Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg presents a new format of institutionalised collaboration. It follows a holistic approach with the intent of tapping on innovation potential across industrial sectors. During seven years, projects, policies and concepts will be established in close communication between politics, industry, academy, employer associations, consumer organisations, environmental organisations and the civil society to successfully shape the transformation process in the economy of Baden-Württemberg.

The annual meeting in 2021.
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Climate compatible mobility and sustainable wealth

Launched in 2017, phase I of the Strategic Dialogue was concluded with an interim review conference in 2020. In these first three and a half years, projects and measures were defined, initiated and implemented int six strategic topics: 

Research and Development, Production and Suppliers, Sales and Aftersales, Energy, Digital Transformation, Traffic Solutions, Research and Innovation Environment. The additional cross-cutting topic Society and Mobility was considered in all six topics. 



Ramp-up the transformation

The second half of the Strategic Dialogue (2020-2024) is designed as a visibility and ramp-up phase. The aim is to tackle the major upheavals brought about by the digital transformation, which will change the vehicle as well as production and mobility as a whole at a rapid pace, in a targeted manner so that Baden-Württemberg can sustain international competition. Three main topics will shape the activities in the second phase of the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector: Vehicle, Data and Energy.

Aspects from cross-cutting fields are to be incorporated into the work of all main topics. These include digital transformation, research and development as well as education and qualification. Citizen participation is to remain strongly anchored in the Dialogue. 

Structure of the Strategic Dialogue for the Automotive Sector in Baden-Württemberg

e-mobil BW will assume coordinating function

The innovation agency and competence centre of the State of Baden-Württemberg, e-mobil BW, in its capacity as innovation agency of the state for new mobility solutions and automotive will be coordinating the individual activities within the process. As an objective consultant for the state government, it will contribute to the process with its wealth of experience from numerous research and demonstration projects.