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Automated driving

Automated and connected driving pushes mobility to a new quality level. It is an opportunity to make mobility more efficient, safer, greener and more user-oriented. Today's vehicles are already equipped with highly or fully automated functions for specific application scenarios. e-mobil BW continues this development. It utilises its cluster and networking activities to support the launch of numerous research and application projects targeted to advance these key technologies. The State Agency thereby sharpens the competitive edge and further enhances the attractiveness of Baden-Württemberg as a centre of industry.

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are changing our entire mobility system. Increasingly capable technologies for connected and automated driving are already aboard today’s production vehicles or are currently being tested in research and development. The rate of innovation and the competitive pressure around the world are high. In the future, innovative IT solutions will gain an ever-increasing share of the automotive industry value chain. This development will be pushed in particular by the integration of 2D and 3D sensory systems, inertial and vital sensory systems, actuator technology, cameras, and smart software and hardware systems in the vehicle. This makes vehicles ever more capable of communicating with their environment and their drivers, and it enables them to identify situations and respond accordingly.


Mobility data as an organisational task

Managing and processing the huge amount of mobility data is both an opportunity and a challenge. Big Data will not only be big business but will also become an organisational task for politics and a challenge for society. Besides engineering issues, putting highly and fully automated driving systems on the road will raise many questions concerning legal implications, IT security and data privacy. All of these questions must be addressed in parallel in order to lay a firm foundation for sustainable mobility solutions.

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Baden-Württemberg is home to numerous players from science and industry, as well as partners of excellence from various industries and sectors pushing the development of highly and fully automated driving. Since innovative mobility solutions are interwoven across industries and business sectors, it is essential to think across industry boundaries and to promote new forms of cooperation while the actual innovation process is still in progress.

This is where e-mobil BW enters the field to support a great number of projects targeting automated and connected driving. The Cluster Electric Mobility South-West embraces the entire multitude of topics related to automated and connected driving. The Working Group "Intelligent Move" addresses the information and communication technology (ICT) linked to this form of new mobility. e-mobil BW supports various R&D project activities testing use cases in the field of automated driving.