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Electric mobility

The challenge of charging infrastructure for e-trucks

A nationwide task force identifies needs for action for a public charging infrastructure for e-trucks and thus creates the foundation for next steps.

Emissionsfreier LKW fährt auf einer Autobahn.
What is the need for action in the development of a charging infrastructure for heavy-duty e-trucks? A task force has now defined them.
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With the conclusion of the task force "Backcasting - Charging infrastructure for heavy-duty commercial vehicles", the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), NOW GmbH and the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure have drawn up an inventory for the development of a public charging infrastructure for e-trucks. This overview of the tasks creates the foundation for the next steps towards a needs-based and user-friendly charging infrastructure for heavy goods vehicles in long-distance transport.


Need for action in 30 issues

The starting point of the task force was the identification of open questions and tasks that need to be addressed in the development of public charging infrastructure on highways. These tasks were divided into eight topics:

  • Demand and construction planning
  • Standardisation of charging and vehicle technology
  • Legal framework and conditions
  • Operation and financing
  • Requirements for site equipment
  • Availability/Acquisition of space
  • Grid access
  • Development of charging infrastructure at the site


About the Task Force

The aim of the task force "Backcasting - Charging infrastructure for heavy-duty commercial vehicles" was to think ahead towards the development of the necessary public charging infrastructure for zero-emission e-trucks in long-distance transport. To achieve this, several thematic focus workshops were held during the six-month task force process. A total of around 80 representatives from a total of 40 organisations and companies were involved.


Source: NOW GmbH